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Wage and Hour Disputes

“Wage theft” is the failure of an employer to pay its employees in accordance with state and federal laws and/or prevailing contracts or agreements between the employer and the employee (or the employee’s union). Wage theft claims are sometimes also known as “wage and hour” claims. Wage theft has many forms. Sometimes it is as simple as failing to pay the appropriate wage on time. Other examples include failure to pay the prevailing minimum wage, failure to pay time-and-a-half for work in excess of 40 hours in a week, and failure to allow employees to take legally mandated breaks. Additionally, federal law requires that non-union workers on federally funded projects be paid the prevailing wage enjoyed by unionized workers, and failure to do so is another example of wage theft. Wage theft is often directed at the most vulnerable of workers: those in lower paying jobs who, for various reasons may not be inclined to seek justice for the harm done to them. Fortunately, the law protects such workers by permitting them to sue for full recovery of the stolen wages and, in some cases, to receive double the amount of the unpaid wages. Where the employer’s wrongdoing affects many workers, the claims of the group can be efficiently addressed with a wage and hour class action. The wage statutes also provide for the payment of the worker’s attorneys’ fees in successful cases. Most importantly, the law provides protection from retaliation by employers against workers who stand up for their rights, whether the worker prevails in his case or not.

Wage and hour claims are an important part of our employment practice and we welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with workers who believe their wages are being wrongfully unpaid. Contact us to discuss litigation or alternatives to litigation. Our experienced team of attorneys and staff are here to help you.

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