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Elder Abuse

Experienced Seattle Law Firm Protects Rights of Elderly

Elder abuse encompasses a wide range of conduct, but simply stated it is the neglect, abuse, or financial exploitation of vulnerable adults by caregivers or others.

In a 2010 census, there were 16,639 nursing homes and 52,681 bed and board facilities in the U.S. Research indicating that more than 40% of people over the age of 65 will enter a nursing home before they die. (Murtaugh, Kember, Spillman, & Carlson, 1997). More than 3 million elderly people in the U.S. live in nursing homes and about a million more are residing in long term care facilities. Six out of seven nursing home residents are over the age of 65, and two out of three of them are women.

Elder adult abuse affects millions of people in the U.S., occurring regularly in community and long term care settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Although some abuse is reported and acted upon, many experts believe that “a vast reservoir of undetected and unreported elder mistreatment in nursing homes may exist” (Bonnie & Wallace, 2002). Results of a two-year study in the same time period showed that 1 in 3 facilities were cited for violations of federal standards that had caused actual harm to a resident. Nearly 1 in 10 had violations that caused residents harm or serious injury, or had placed the residents in jeopardy of death.

In addition to administrative and criminal remedies, Washington State has enacted law to provide monetary damages for vulnerable adults who have been neglected, abused, or financially exploited by caregivers. Claims for elder abuse may be pursued on behalf of the vulnerable adult by his or her family members, guardian, or holder of his/her Power of Attorney against the responsible caregiver(s) whether a corporation, trust, unincorporated association, or partnership, administrator, employee, agent, officer, partner or director of a facility, or of a home health, hospice, or home care agency, or an individual provider.

If you are concerned that someone known to you has been or is being neglected, abused, or financially exploited by a caregiver, contact us to discuss an initial, no obligation case evaluation.

The following are indications of neglect, abuse, or financial exploitation:

  • Lack of cleanliness of facility or of the vulnerable adult
  • Unpleasant odors including the smell of urine or feces
  • Improper, untimely, or erroneous medications
  • Isolation
  • Bed sores
  • Improper or insufficient nourishment
  • Bruises or other indicators of physical abuse
  • Mental abuse (hostile and or indifferent conduct)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Failure to provide a safe environment
  • Physical injury
  • Misappropriation of funds or property

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