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Badgley Mullins Turner PLLC attorney Duncan Turner is interviewed by KIRO in Seattle about two large legal settlements in the SeaTac Minimum Wage litigation.
KIRO News, 9/9/2016

An $8.2 million dollar settlement with Menzies Aviation, and a $1.2 million dollar settlement with Prospect International Airport Services Corp., receives conditional court approval.
Bloomberg News Agency, 9/6/2016

Governments Struggle to Enforce Living Wage Laws
Associated Press, 4/26/2016

Workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport joined a class action lawsuit on Wednesday arguing they haven’t been paid the $15 minimum wage they’re owed
KIRO News, 2/15/2016

Workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport filed more than a dozen lawsuits on Wednesday, claiming they have not been paid a $15 minimum wage.
KOMO News, 2/15/2016

SeaTac workers file lawsuits claiming “wage theft”
KIRO FM, 2/17/2016

Attorney Duncan Turner is interviewed by KOMO Radio News regarding 14 Class Action Lawsuits filed on behalf of workers not paid the lawful $15 minimum wage.
KOMO AM, 2/17/2016

Prisoners held past release date. Others could be affected.
Seattle PI, February 10, 2015

Attorney Duncan Turner, Badgley Mullins, files a lawsuit against DOC for arbitrarily holding prisoners beyond release date.
      Seattle P-I, February 10, 215
      KING TV, January 2, 2015

$125,500 Damages Awarded
Seattle Times, 7/16/2005

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